Ios App Development Company in Chennai

Ios App Development Company in Chennai

Do you have an innovative mobile application in your mind or Are you an established business and want to try your expansion into the world of mobile applications or Are you looking for an application to substitute or work in parallel with your existing apps? If you belong to any one of the above, you have reached the right place which helps you to jump into the world of mobile apps. We are an app development company with offices in Chennai & Bangalore.

We have a team of developers who can give life to your ideas and develop Applications for iPhone and iPad’s. Our mobile app development team consists of designers and developers who are well versed with the latest iOS version and experts in mobile UI/UX designing and development. Since all our programmers are from a web design background, it helps us to establish a web service and develop applications based on it. Most of the applications we developed are running with the help of web service, so maintaining your applications or updating is going to be a breeze. Application can also be bundled with Phone Gap, which is platform independent and can be used in iOS and Android platforms.

The mobile app space in the market has been growing bigger and faster with every year thankfully due to the increasingly powerful devices and cheaper data plans. iPhone and iPad has been at the limelight of such a growth by redefining app boundaries with the Application store and the amazing apps it has. This has created new industry standards in the smart phone marketplace and a gold rush for developers.

Our mobile app development team is aptly supported by our Testing Team who are immensely knowledgeable in testing mobile applications in various scenarios. We test all our applications in various devices which has varying display screens. For applications which runs on web services, we test using Unit Test and Load testing.

Calculate / Utilities Apps, Entertainment Apps, Game Apps, News Apps, Productivity Apps, Search Tool Apps, Social Networking Apps, Sports Apps, Travel Apps, Weather Apps or anything that can be made simple through an application on an iPhone/iPad can be given life by our proficient developers. Our team’s familiarity with development resources like the Xcode developer package, Cocoa Touch frameworks, Xcode IDE, Interface builder, Instruments for performance and behavior analysis, iOS simulators and graphics tools enable us to develop native to customized user friendly, secure and instrument compatible applications.

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